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Feb 23 2019 04:31:06
A school bus company official says a driver who was given an opioid antidote after hitting a tree may have been exp…
Feb 23 2019 03:38:13
RT @AP_Sports: Minor league pitchers suspended for drugs of abuse.
Feb 23 2019 03:38:03
RT @AP_Sports: The Pistons overcame Blake Griffin's ejection to beat the Hawks 125-122. by @charlesodum
Feb 23 2019 03:31:01
Kansas City Zoo officials say an adult male giraffe died after suffering a spinal cord injury in a zoo barn.
Feb 23 2019 03:05:33
RT @APEntertainment: Who needs a host?: #Oscars producers #GlennWeiss and #DonnaGigliotti promise an exciting opening number and guest pres…
Feb 23 2019 03:05:21
RT @AP_Sports: The Hornets overcame a season-high 46 points from Washington's Bradley Beal to improve to 20-9 at home. by @stevereedap htt…
Feb 23 2019 03:05:17
RT @AP_Sports: Ichiro Suzuki starts likely last spring opener with a hit for M's
Feb 23 2019 03:05:05
RT @AP_Oddities: Another Roswell mystery: New Mexico woman on a desperate hunt for her disappearing pet that can't run fast, a 100-pound to…
Feb 23 2019 02:44:15
Chicago police say R&B star R. Kelly has been taken into custody in connection with multiple charges of aggravated…
Feb 23 2019 02:43:33
BREAKING: Venezuela's government orders the partial closure of its border with Colombia hours ahead of a U.S.-backe…
Feb 23 2019 02:35:13
R. Kelly, charged with sexually abusing underage victims, has turned himself in.
Feb 23 2019 02:34:48
Singer R. Kelly has turned himself in at a Chicago police station after being indicted on sexual abuse charges…
Feb 23 2019 02:26:56
BREAKING: R&B star R. Kelly arrives at a Chicago police station hours after authorities announced multiple charges…
Feb 23 2019 02:17:46
BREAKING: R&B singer R. Kelly has arrived at a Chicago police precinct.
Feb 23 2019 02:17:29
RT @APEntertainment: Stephen Merchant never watched #GameofThrones, nor saw @IAMLenaHeadey as an obvious fit for his new film #FightingWith…
Feb 23 2019 02:16:57
RT @AP_Sports: Dustin Johnson builds 2-shot lead in Mexico as Tiger Woods rallies @dougferguson405
Feb 23 2019 02:15:05
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Feb 23 2019 02:01:06
Indian police say at least 50 people died after drinking tainted liquor in two separate incidents.
Feb 23 2019 01:31:07
A Florida mayor accused of shooting at deputies trying arrest him on allegations of practicing medicine without a l…
Feb 23 2019 01:13:52
RT @SchmitzMedia: “... We’re told some answered ads in China looking for legitimate masseuses... Like many immigrants who speak no English,…
Feb 23 2019 01:01:57
RT @AP_Oddities: BowWOW!! A dog playing fetch disappears in the snow in Arizona. #odd
Feb 23 2019 00:54:38
RT @AP_Politics: US and China resume trade talks as Trump’s deadline nears
Feb 23 2019 00:54:36
RT @AP_Politics: With Mueller's report looming, all eyes turn to the new attorney general
Feb 23 2019 00:52:00
RT @APWestRegion: Police plan to search a Colorado landfill for the remains of a woman whose fiance is charged with her murder. Kelsey Berr…
Feb 23 2019 00:31:05
Now there is one more place where cameras could start watching you, from 30,000 feet. Newer seat-back entertainment…
Feb 23 2019 00:01:02
A Louisiana police department jails woman for illegally posting a video of a fight at her son's school on social me…
Feb 22 2019 23:45:39
RT @APWestRegion: Residents in the mountains of Arizona were digging out and scrambling to clear their roofs after a winter storm dropped r…
Feb 22 2019 23:45:23
RT @APEastRegion: Disabled Walmart greeter Adam Catlin and his family met with store officials to discuss whether he’ll be able to keep his…
Feb 22 2019 23:36:41
RT @AP_Oddities: Police say a man wearing a gorilla suit broke into a Louisiana home and hid under a mattress. #odd
Feb 22 2019 23:27:49
RT @APCentralRegion: On Jan. 3, an estimated 25.8 million people watched a six-part documentary series that detailed many allegations agai…
Feb 22 2019 23:27:31
RT @APHealthScience: NASA, SpaceX approve 1st test flight of company's new crew capsule next week.
Feb 22 2019 23:22:20
R. Kelly's attorney says the singer is "shell-shocked" by the aggravated sexual abuse indictment against him and pl…
Feb 22 2019 23:17:27
President Trump says he plans to nominate his current ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft, to be the next ambassador…
Feb 22 2019 23:01:06
Florida man sues a consumer products company after he says he suffered permanent scarring and discoloration on his…
Feb 22 2019 22:44:20
RT @AP_Politics: Trump says he will let new Attorney General William Barr decide what to release from Robert Mueller's report…
Feb 22 2019 22:44:16
RT @AP_Politics: Lawyer says ex-FBI official Andrew McCabe is still facing investigation
Feb 22 2019 22:43:17
RT @anacaprana: I don’t think it’s sexist to write about how a presidential candidate treats their staff. I’m sorry but I don’t. And I abso…
Feb 22 2019 22:34:14
BREAKING: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido shows up at a benefit concert across the border in Colombia, def…
Feb 22 2019 22:29:16
RT @APFactCheck: NOT REAL NEWS: Here’s a look at what didn’t happen this week, even if you saw stories saying it did. #APFactCheck https://…
Feb 22 2019 22:28:54
RT @APEastRegion: A speaker criticized "the Jewish-controlled press." A crowd of 20,000 gave the Nazi salute. It happened in 1939 - in New…
Feb 22 2019 22:13:27
RT @APEastRegion: The AP has deleted a tweet about a Nazi rally held in New York in 1939 because the photo accompanying the tweet was from…
Feb 22 2019 22:07:51
RT @APWestRegion: Virgin Galactic’s rocket plane reached space for a second time in a test flight over California. The goal is to soon allo…
Feb 22 2019 22:07:08
RT @AP_Oddities: Authorities say a Florida man stole collectible coins worth tens of thousands of dollars, then ran them through grocery st…
Feb 22 2019 21:37:58
RT @mattfleg: Our look at Amy Klobuchar's treatment of staff, w/ @melbournecoal. Keep reading past the comb!
Feb 22 2019 21:34:42
RT @edmundlee: After great reporting by @katierosman @brooksbarnesNYT on @VanityFair Oscars party, Conde Nast saw fit to ban Times reporter…
Feb 22 2019 21:33:22
RT @AP_Sports: A 20-second pitch clock will be phased in during spring training. Ball/strike penalties could be on the way. Story: http…
Feb 22 2019 21:33:13
RT @AP_Sports: Machado says he was attracted to San Diego by the Padres' farm system (and $300 million). by @jcohenap…
Feb 22 2019 21:33:06
RT @AP_Sports: Through rain, snow or shine: Innovations and experience allow the NHL to stage outdoor games almost anywhere. Hear from the…
Feb 22 2019 21:31:01
RT @Choire: Just got word that Vanity Fair has disinvited The New York Times from covering their annual Oscars party. They said it "feels l…
Feb 22 2019 21:23:26
A draft regulation would prohibit health care providers who receive federal funding from performing abortions or re…
Feb 22 2019 21:20:06
RT @APCentralRegion: R. Kelly has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse, after decades of lurid rumors and allegations tha…
Feb 22 2019 21:19:00
McCabe on obstruction: Clear indication of Trump’s intent and desire to make this investigation stop and go away…
Feb 22 2019 21:18:42
RT @eilperin: SCOOP: Prosecutors have begun presenting evidence to a grand jury in Washington in their probe of whether former interior Sec…
Feb 22 2019 21:04:03
RT @APEastRegion: An Ohio hospital initially said a doctor ordered excessive painkiller doses for patients who were near death. Now it says…
Feb 22 2019 20:59:26
AP source: A report from special counsel Robert Mueller about the Russia investigation is not expected to be delive…
Feb 22 2019 20:59:02
RT @MillennialAtty: 👀
Feb 22 2019 20:57:57
RT @jkbjournalist: It doesn't seem like he actually answered the question...did I miss something? @jaketapper
Feb 22 2019 20:53:04
Special counsel Robert Mueller is not expected to deliver his report next week, a Justice Department source says…
Feb 22 2019 20:51:29
BREAKING: AP source: A report from special counsel Robert Mueller about the Russia investigation is not expected to…
Feb 22 2019 20:40:26
RT @RawStory: FBI ‘gobsmacked’ after Trump admitted he fired Comey over Russia probe: McCabe
Feb 22 2019 20:32:54
R. Kelly is scheduled to appear in bond court Saturday in Chicago after he was charged with sexual abuse allegation…
Feb 22 2019 20:27:47
RT @APWestRegion: A California couple who shackled and starved some of their 13 children pleaded guilty to torture and other abuse and coul…
Feb 22 2019 20:22:00
R. Kelly has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four victims, prosecutors an…
Feb 22 2019 20:17:02
Chicago police tell CNN that a warrant has been issued for R. Kelly's arrest. Follow live updates from the State's…
Feb 22 2019 19:57:28
A Chicago judge has authorized a no-bail arrest warrant for R. Kelly, who is charged with aggravated sexual abuse i…
Feb 22 2019 19:52:50
David and Louise Turpin, who held their 13 children captive inside their California home, have pleaded guilty to mu…
Feb 22 2019 19:44:47
The Trump administration said Friday that it would bar taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring women…
Feb 22 2019 19:41:24
RT @mj_lee: “Many of these former aides say she was not just demanding but often dehumanizing — not merely a tough boss in a capital full o…
Feb 22 2019 19:33:27
RT @APCentralRegion: A judge cites improper evidence in dropping murder charges against those involved with a Kansas water park slide where…
Feb 22 2019 19:24:40
The Cook County State's Attorney will hold a 3 p.m. ET news conference on R. Kelly. Follow live updates:…
Feb 22 2019 19:23:04
RT @APEastRegion: Mexican drug lord El Chapo is seeking a new trial after reports that jurors followed the first one in the media despite i…
Feb 22 2019 19:05:47
Singer R. Kelly charged with multiple counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Illinois.
Feb 22 2019 19:04:06
RT @AP_Images: A little indigo, a handful of ash and time. The dye pits in Nigeria’s ancient northern city of Kano are said to be the last…
Feb 22 2019 19:04:03
RT @APWestRegion: Teacher strikes in Los Angeles, Oakland, Denver and West Virginia have been as much about pushing back on charter schools…
Feb 22 2019 19:02:57
Musician R. Kelly, who's been associated with accusations of abusing young women for decades, has been indicted, so…
Feb 22 2019 19:01:13
Friday's charges come after years of allegations directed at R. Kelly, accusing the now 52-year-old of sexual misco…
Singer R Kelly has been charged with sexual offences in Illinois, US media report
Feb 22 2019 18:48:13
BREAKING: Media reports: Chicago prosecutors charge R&B star R. Kelly with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.
Feb 22 2019 18:38:14
RT @AP_Politics: White House looking into Labor Sec. Acosta's role in secret plea deal for sex abuse
Feb 22 2019 18:23:02
RT @APEntertainment: ‘Yes you have an Academy Award, nobody cares!’: #SamuelLJackson pulls no punches when telling #BrieLarson how her life…
Feb 22 2019 18:18:04
RT @APHealthScience: Japanese spacecraft touches down on asteroid to collect samples for return to Earth.
Feb 22 2019 18:09:03
RT @AP_Politics: Trump says he will let new Attorney General William Barr decide what to release from Robert Mueller's report…
Feb 22 2019 18:02:05
A woman was shot and killed and at least 12 others were injured when Venezuelan soldiers opened fire on a group try…
Feb 22 2019 18:01:27
RT @APCentralRegion: The investigation into Jussie Smollett's report of a hate crime went beyond surveillance cameras to include the review…
Feb 22 2019 17:47:30
California couple accused of shackling some of their 13 children to beds and starving them have pleaded guilty to t…
Feb 22 2019 17:42:29
@WPTV "We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we wi…
Feb 22 2019 17:39:05
Virginia House Republicans invite Lt. Gov. Fairfax and women who accused him of sexual assault to testify at hearin…
Feb 22 2019 17:27:13
The prostitution charge against Patriots owner Robert Kraft comes amid a widespread crackdown on sex trafficking ar…
Feb 22 2019 17:19:55
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is charged with soliciting sex in Florida day spa case, police say…
Feb 22 2019 17:17:59
RT @APBusiness: Kraft Heinz loses $14 billion in value in a flash.
Feb 22 2019 17:08:19
RT @nickconfessore: When a major newspaper has a sidebar called "How an App Told Facebook You're Ovulating," safe to say we have a problem.…
Feb 22 2019 17:08:00
BREAKING: Police in Florida have charged New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution.
Feb 22 2019 17:07:32
RT @gmoomaw: Del. Rob. Bell, R-Albemarle, announces on House floor that he will schedule a courts committee hearing to allow Vanessa Tyson,…
Feb 22 2019 17:03:03
RT @ddale8: Trump applauded Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte for criminal violence against a journalist. He literally clapped.…
Feb 22 2019 17:01:51
Police: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged in a months-long human trafficking and prostitutio…
Feb 22 2019 16:56:00
RT @DeFede: Jupiter police chief said he was "stunned" and that an "an active arrest warrant" has been issued for Kraft. Another detail: K…
Feb 22 2019 16:54:22
RT @APSouthRegion: Amid the national debate over Confederate monuments, the Cyclorama, one of the world's largest paintings of the Civil Wa…
Feb 22 2019 16:48:03
It’s all happening! 🧡 🐠
Feb 22 2019 16:42:13
RT @asmamk: Kamala Harris was asked on the Daily Show if she - like Beto O'Rourke - would be in favor of removing existing walls at the bor…
Feb 22 2019 16:40:17
Brian Williams, Manti Te'o and now Jussie Smollett: Here's a look at public figures accused of bending the truth.