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Apr 23 2019 13:51:15
RT @julianrouth: Breaking: Joe Biden will hold an event in Pittsburgh on Monday at the Teamsters Local 249 hall.
Apr 23 2019 13:50:21
RT @CNNBusiness: Stocks kicked Tuesday’s session off slightly stronger. The Dow was up 0.1% , or 16 points, while the S&P 500 rose 0.1%. Th…
Apr 23 2019 13:50:19
RT @elizashapiro: Success Academy was put on a corrective action plan by NY for allegedly failing to provide services for students with dis…
Apr 23 2019 13:32:52
BREAKING: President Vladimir Putin will host North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Russia's Far East on Thursday, a Kr…
Apr 23 2019 13:32:03
RT @APBusiness: US regulators expand investigation into malfunctioning air bag controls to include 12.3 million vehicles. @tkrisher reports…
Apr 23 2019 13:14:49
RT @MSNBC: .@JoeNBC on potential impeachment proceedings: “Donald Trump’s best hope for higher poll numbers, and for re-election, is for th…
Apr 23 2019 13:14:42
RT @APMiddleEast: “How could I have been so stupid, and so blind?” says a Canadian woman who traveled to the IS “caliphate.” @AP interviewe…
Apr 23 2019 12:49:58
@csymrl In conclusion, Long Island is a land of contrasts
Apr 23 2019 12:47:24
Area governor badly needs editor
Apr 23 2019 12:42:53
RT @NYHammond: Gov. Cuomo asks a good question one day after he invited the media to watch him “sign” a plastic-bag ban that he had actuall…
Apr 23 2019 12:39:33
RT @AP_Africa: The World Health Organization says Malawi has become the first country to begin immunizing children against malaria. https:/…
Apr 23 2019 12:37:54
RT @piersmorgan: About to go live on ⁦@Morning_Joe⁩ to answer the big question: which government is currently more chaotic - UK or US? ⁦@Jo…
Apr 23 2019 12:32:33
RT @MSNBC: Mayor Buttigieg is +14 since February in New Hampshire primary poll.
Apr 23 2019 12:24:32
Or in correct English: I see things have been going well at the WH these past few days.***
Apr 23 2019 12:21:07
ISIS says its fighters carried out the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka, but offers no evidence for the claim. Fo…
Apr 23 2019 12:10:16
I see things have been going well at WH this past few days.
Apr 23 2019 12:01:04
A Myanmar lawmaker says more than 50 people are believed to be dead after a mudslide at a jade mining site.
Apr 23 2019 11:58:31
BREAKING: Myanmar lawmaker says more than 50 people are believed to be dead after a mudslide at a jade mining site.
Apr 23 2019 11:56:48
U.S. auto safety regulators expand air bag probe to 12.3 million vehicles because bags may not inflate in a crash.
Apr 23 2019 11:50:39
Progressive Capitalism Is Not an Oxymoron @JosephEStiglitz
Apr 23 2019 11:50:13
RT @JosephEStiglitz: My new book, published by @wwnorton, out today. #PeoplePowerProfits
Apr 23 2019 11:41:24
RT @NBCNews: JUST IN: Buckingham Palace: President Trump and the First Lady have accepted an invitation from the Queen for a State Visit in…
Apr 23 2019 11:35:37
Buckingham Palace says U.S. President Donald Trump will pay a state visit to Britain in June as a guest of Queen El…
Apr 23 2019 11:34:21
Sri Lanka’s minister of defense says the coordinated Easter Sunday attacks that killed at least 321 people were ret…
Apr 23 2019 11:30:31
VIDEO: Relatives mourn an entire family killed in the Sri Lanka Easter bombings.  Follow all @AP’s coverage here: h…
Apr 23 2019 11:27:44
Joining us now: @JulianCastro
US President Donald Trump will make state visit to UK from 3-5 June, Buckingham Palace announces
Apr 23 2019 11:22:28
RT @APEntertainment: THOR SALUTES IRON MAN AND CAPTAIN AMERICA: At the world premiere of #AvengersEndgame, #ChrisHemsworth reflects on his…
Apr 23 2019 11:18:16
.@JoeNBC embraces a new nickname from a loyal Morning Joe viewer:
Apr 23 2019 11:13:27
IS group claims Sri Lanka Easter attacks. The group, which has lost all the territory it once held in Iraq and Syri…
Apr 23 2019 11:09:43
Joining us now: @CongressmanRaja
Apr 23 2019 11:09:40
RT @CongressmanRaja: Joining @Morning_Joe in just a few minutes to discuss what happens now that we have the redacted version of the Muelle…
Apr 23 2019 10:44:12
The Ego Maniac in the Oval Is ‘Exonerated’ @maureendowd
Apr 23 2019 10:40:49
RT @Milbank: My Tuesday column: Mueller comfirms what we’ve all observed—Trump may talk like Joseph Stalin, but he governs like Homer Simps…
Apr 23 2019 10:36:24
RT @Eugene_Robinson:
Apr 23 2019 10:33:48
RT @APMiddleEast: Al-Hol camp is home to 73,000 people who streamed out of the Islamic State group’s last pockets, including the village of…
Apr 23 2019 10:33:38
RT @APEntertainment: ‘I LOVE HIM SO MUCH’: #PomKlementieff - #Mantis in the #MCU - is happy that #JamesGunn is back in the director's chair…
Apr 23 2019 10:32:05
RT @APCentralRegion: Jussie Smollett case could undermine reform efforts by Chicago’s top prosecutor, who for years has been implementing s…
Apr 23 2019 10:31:57
RT @APWestRegion: California is considering first-in-the-nation policies on when police can kill, but some law enforcement and civil rights…
Apr 23 2019 10:31:29
RT @APEntertainment: DON'T SPOIL THE 'ENDGAME': #MarvelStudios president #KevinFeige says leaked footage of #AvengersEndgame was 'not cool'…
Apr 23 2019 10:29:49
RT @APBusiness: Samsung has pushed back the launch of its much-anticipated $2,000 folding phone after reports that reviewers' phones were b…
Apr 23 2019 10:28:57
Sri Lanka's state minister of defense says the Easter attack was an Islamic fundamentalist group retaliating for th…
Apr 23 2019 10:25:50
Among #AP10ThingstoKnow: Sri Lanka says bombings retaliation for New Zealand attack; Democratic candidates debate i…
Apr 23 2019 10:04:37
Only 34 percent support impeachment proceedings in new poll
Apr 23 2019 10:03:30
The president's approval hits all-time low in new poll
Apr 23 2019 09:55:15
Updated Tues. guest list: Mike Barnicle, Josh Lederman, Kasie Hunt, Eugene Robinson, Dr. Dave Campbell, Peter Baker…
Apr 23 2019 09:42:09
Sri Lanka Easter bombings were carried out by a “radical Islam group” in retaliation for Christchurch mosque attack…
Apr 23 2019 09:31:52
Sri Lanka's minister of defense says the Easter Sunday bombings were "carried out in retaliation" for attacks on mo…
Apr 23 2019 09:03:33
BREAKING: Sri Lankan state minister says the Easter church bombings were retaliation for New Zealand mosque attacks.
Apr 23 2019 08:05:18
BREAKING: Northern Ireland Police Service says it has arrested a woman in the slaying of journalist Lyra McKee.
Apr 23 2019 07:56:51
A warning sent to Sri Lankan security directors named a local group planning to carry out terror attacks on churche…
Apr 23 2019 07:52:17
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the failure of his second sum…
Apr 23 2019 07:42:06
The purported leader of an Islamic extremist group blamed for the Easter attack in Sri Lanka began posting videos o…
Apr 23 2019 07:04:46
RT @APMiddleEast: The women say it was misguided religious faith, naivety, or youthful rebellion that led them to travel to join the Islami…
Apr 23 2019 06:19:12
U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude 6.3 earthquake has hit the central Philippines, day after 6.1 quake in the…
Apr 23 2019 06:10:31
BREAKING: U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude 6.3 earthquake has hit the central Philippines, day after 6.1 quake in the north.
Apr 23 2019 04:30:20
Amid their homeland’s economic crunch, an increasing number of Argentines are once again looking to Europe for oppo…
Apr 23 2019 04:09:44
The death toll from Sri Lanka's Easter attacks has risen to 310, and police say they have arrested 40 suspects.
Apr 23 2019 03:59:02
The devastating Easter attacks brought suicide bombings back to Sri Lanka, where they had been a common tactic in t…
Apr 23 2019 03:44:14
Myanmar's Supreme Court has upheld seven-year prison sentences for two Reuters journalists, days after they and the…
Apr 23 2019 03:31:43
RT @APCentralRegion: Officials identify six people killed after plane crashes in central Texas. Victim’s family says flight’s purpose was t…
Apr 23 2019 03:16:21
White House instructs former official who was in charge of the security clearance process to not comply with a Hous…
Apr 23 2019 03:11:05
RT @sahilkapur: Pete Buttigieg says he's "been more specific than many in offering a pathway to get to a Medicare for all environment." Wa…
Apr 23 2019 03:03:34
RT @APEntertainment: SUPERSTARS LOVE SUPERHEROES: the a-list came out for the #Avengersendgame world premiere from Bradley Cooper to Miley…
Apr 23 2019 02:56:35
Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris says she supports Congress moving towards impeachment, a step further than she has go…
Apr 23 2019 02:46:25
RT @APCentralRegion: A Wisconsin mother of seven pleaded guilty Monday to trying to plan terrorist attacks on behalf of the Islamic State g…
Apr 23 2019 02:36:18
BREAKING: Death toll from Philippine earthquake rises to 11, with 24 people missing, mostly in rubble of a supermar…
Apr 23 2019 02:11:05
Young people feel anxiety due to direction of country: survey @dellavolpe discusses.
Apr 23 2019 02:10:18
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says incarcerated people should be able to vote, even "terrible people"…
Apr 23 2019 02:02:00
RT @davidfholt: Happy 2nd Gotcha Day to Logan the First Dog, a rescue from @BellaSPCA! Many great animal welfare organizations exist in O…
Apr 23 2019 02:01:04
RT @AP_NFL: AP Pro Football Writer @wilner88 offers his 2019 NFL mock draft. Watch to see the top 5 and read the story for the rest of the…
Apr 23 2019 01:46:44
RT @APCentralRegion: Indiana state police superintendent taunts unidentified suspect in unsolved killing of two teenage girls in 2017, call…
Apr 23 2019 01:33:10
RT @APWestRegion: Charlie, the oldest southern sea otter held by any zoo or aquarium, has died in California. He was 22.…
Apr 23 2019 01:31:07
RT @APWestRegion: With San Francisco-based Pinterest and Lyft recently going public, residents worry new millionaires will snap up the few…
Apr 23 2019 01:12:53
RT @APCentralRegion: Suburban Fort Worth couple sentenced to seven years in federal prison each for enslaving a Guinean woman for 16 years.…
Apr 23 2019 01:12:08
RT @APCentralRegion: A convicted murderer serving 70 years for a 1978 slaying near Houston who was also under investigation in the unsolved…
Apr 23 2019 01:12:04
Poll: Report sinks Trump job approval to 37%
Apr 23 2019 01:01:04
RT @APCentralRegion: A lawyer representing a woman fed up with parking tickets successfully argued to a federal court that marking tires wi…
Apr 23 2019 00:44:06
Class action lawsuit accuses authorities of illegally videotaping customers getting massages at the same Florida sp…
Apr 23 2019 00:41:24
RT @natashakorecki: Int'l Association of Firefighters President tells us once @JoeBiden's announcement goes live: "our executive board will…
Apr 23 2019 00:33:03
.@kwelkernbc: “Are you worried about impeachment, Mr. President?” President Trump: “Not even a little bit.”
Apr 23 2019 00:31:32
RT @mj_lee: Warren says if anyone else had done what Trump did, they would be "arrested and put in jail." She also says she thinks the idea…
Apr 23 2019 00:19:45
RT @APWestRegion: Charges dropped for University of Arizona students who protested against Border Patrol agents visiting campus. https://t.…
Apr 23 2019 00:00:10
RT @APBusiness: Wealth of Westeros: Can two leaders fight the White Walkers? Daenerys and Jon and the army at Winterfell are about to find…
Apr 22 2019 23:49:08
Opinion | Susan B. Sorenson: The NRA says guns — not VAWA — keep women safe. Here's what the research says.…
Apr 22 2019 23:34:50
RT @APWestRegion: The leader of an armed group detaining asylum-seeking families at the border claimed 2 years ago he was training supporte…
Apr 22 2019 23:05:50
Back-to-back CNN town halls: Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg fiel…
Apr 22 2019 22:59:24
RT @APCentralRegion: Police say there is no evidence that missing 5-year-old Andrew "AJ" Freund was abducted from his suburban Chicago home…
Apr 22 2019 22:41:01
Rep. Stacey Plaskett: "I think at this point that members of Congress should begin investigations ... I agree with…
Apr 22 2019 22:30:06
RT @APCentralRegion: Animal rights groups are challenging a new Iowa law that seeks to prevent undercover investigations of livestock farms…
Apr 22 2019 22:22:05
Brenda Jackson, mother of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and accounting specialist for JR Motorsports, has died of cancer at 65…
Apr 22 2019 22:21:41
North Korean state media say leader Kim Jong Un will visit Russia, meet with President Vladimir Putin.
Apr 22 2019 22:05:06
RT @APCentralRegion: St. Louis County judge refuses to lower bail for a 74-year-old ex-Catholic priest facing sex abuse charges. Father Fre…
Apr 22 2019 22:00:36
RT @npfandos: Maxine Waters, perhaps the highest profile supporter of impeachment among House Dems, has told colleagues just now on a caucu…
Apr 22 2019 21:34:05
RT @APCentralRegion: "The practice of medicine should be left to licensed health professionals, not elected officials." Kansas governor vet…
Apr 22 2019 21:22:34
House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed former White House counsel Don McGahn
Apr 22 2019 21:02:09
RT @APWestRegion: The remains of a soldier from Oregon listed as missing in action in World War II have been positively identified 76 years…
Apr 22 2019 20:57:02
RT @APWestRegion: An uproar over a proposed San Francisco homeless shelter is the latest example of strife in a city heavy on tech wealth a…
Apr 22 2019 20:37:43
BREAKING: Earthquake causes tall buildings to sway in Mexico City. No immediate word of damage, injuries.
Apr 22 2019 20:32:04
RT @APEntertainment: Although @GameofThrones is ending, @HBO and retailers hope to pad the bank during the show’s eighth and final season.…