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Dec 15 2018 20:00:57
Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says she is "definitely thinking" about running for president in 2020 and will a…
Dec 15 2018 19:46:42
RAP MASTER PUTIN? Russian president rails against rap's growing popularity and says "if it's impossible to stop, th…
Dec 15 2018 19:23:47
RT @AP_Politics: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke cites "vicious and politically motivated attacks" in resignation letter obtained by AP. http…
Dec 15 2018 18:31:49
RT @PekingMike: McKinsey consultants dined al fresco in Kashgar, treated to a light show that projected two-humped camels onto the city's c…
Dec 15 2018 18:16:42
RT @APSouthRegion: The family of a woman killed on a Florida highway has filed a lawsuit against a man they say fled when she fell off his…
Dec 15 2018 17:52:49
RT @APWestRegion: A 2016 California wildfire has burned its way into the record books as the most expensive wildland firefight in US histor…
Dec 15 2018 17:26:03
RT @APWestRegion: A nuclear test reactor in Idaho is running again after nearly a quarter-century as U.S. officials try to revamp a fading…
Dec 15 2018 17:15:21
RT @brianmrosenthal: The Trump family's efforts to evade taxes in the 1990s had a side effect: an estimated $33 MILLION in unfair rent incr…
Dec 15 2018 17:12:56
RT @PekingMike: How McKinsey Has Helped Raise the Stature of Authoritarian Governments - by @waltbogdanich and me
Dec 15 2018 17:10:20
RT @APCentralRegion: "It's not only the right thing to do, it's long overdue." Indiana governor pushes for a hate crime law in the state, b…
Dec 15 2018 17:04:51
RT @CNN: FBI releases document intelligence officials used to brief President Trump on dossier…
Dec 15 2018 15:36:08
After an @AP report revealed scores of trafficked migrant girls have quietly disappeared from one of Indonesia's po…
Dec 15 2018 15:27:19
RT @marknyt:
Dec 15 2018 15:21:07
RT @APCentralRegion: Detroit archdiocese says priest will not preach at funerals "for the foreseeable future" after questioning at a servic…
Dec 15 2018 14:54:14
Trump says Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is leaving his administration. The former Montana congressman is facing fe…
Dec 15 2018 14:45:03
RT @AP_Africa: Deadly protests in Somalia continue after al-Shabab's former spokesman _ and a popular candidate in Wednesday's regional ele…
Dec 15 2018 14:41:30
11 people are dead in a suspected religious food poisoning incident in India
Dec 15 2018 14:31:02
Cambodian authorities seize more than 3 tons of rare African ivory hidden inside an abandoned shipping container.
Dec 15 2018 14:28:05
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will step down at the end of the year, President Trump says
Dec 15 2018 14:23:47
BREAKING: Trump says Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke leaving administration at end of year, successor to be announced next week.
Dec 15 2018 14:15:05
RT @AP_Politics: Trump weighs next move on border wall as government shutdown looms. By @lisamascaro, @MatthewDalyWDC and @catherine_lucey.…
Dec 15 2018 13:57:29
A deal appears within grasp on the rules that govern the Paris climate accord, @wirereporter writes.
Dec 15 2018 13:31:02
The Church of England's bishops appeal for change of tone in Brexit debate.
Dec 15 2018 13:01:07
Israeli forces demolish home of a Palestinian charged with killing a soldier during an Israeli raid in the West Ban…
Dec 15 2018 12:31:01
RT @APCentralRegion: "A Christmas Miracle." A midnight donation of almost $2 million saved a 120-year-old Chicago church from going to auct…
Dec 15 2018 12:01:04
Russian Defense Ministry wants to sit down with the U.S. for "open and specific" talks on nuclear treaty dispute.
Dec 15 2018 11:51:10
Cameroon official: Two female suicide bombers die in northern Cameroon attack blamed on Nigeria-based extremists.
Dec 15 2018 11:31:04
PHOTO GALLERY: A selection of pictures from the past week.
Dec 15 2018 11:01:05
RT @AP_Africa: South Sudan starts planning for life beyond civil war. Today marks 5 years since fighting began.
Dec 15 2018 10:42:19
The Latest: Minor scuffle breaks out between protesters and police in Paris during demonstrations by the "yellow ve…
Dec 15 2018 10:31:04
Police arrest three people after at least 11 died of suspected food poisoning at a ceremony to celebrate the constr…
Dec 15 2018 10:01:08
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that his government recognizes West Jerusalem as the capital of…
Dec 15 2018 10:01:03
VIDEO: @AP White House reporter @JonathanLemire describes how President Donald Trump changed his opinion and reacti…
Dec 15 2018 09:34:40
The Latest: Paris police say 21 people have been detained in the French capital before protests by the "yellow vest…
Dec 15 2018 09:31:05
A strong police presence has deployed in Paris before planned demonstrations by the "yellow vest" protesters.
Dec 15 2018 09:01:02
Six civilians and four combatants killed when government forces fired at anti-India protesters in Kashmir.
Dec 15 2018 08:37:51
BREAKING: Sri Lanka's disputed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa resigns, saying he wants to end political impasse.
Dec 15 2018 08:35:34
An @OhioState professor explains the NRA's financial weakness. (Promoted on behalf of @AP university customers.)
Dec 15 2018 07:31:02
RT @APWestRegion: Best-picture Oscars for “Gentleman’s Agreement,” the 1947 film starring Gregory Peck that took on anti-Semitism, and for…
Dec 15 2018 07:01:06
RT @APSouthRegion: A Tennessee sheriff's office is disputing the extent of injuries to a black man in handcuffs who was beaten by a white o…
Dec 15 2018 06:31:05
RT @APSouthRegion: After a spellbinding trial featuring tales of infidelity and a multimillion dollar insurance payout, a jury convicts a F…
Dec 15 2018 06:00:30
RT @AP_Politics: #APFactCheck: President Trump suggests the FBI never accused Michael Flynn of lying in the Russia investigation, but he’s…
Dec 15 2018 05:08:39
RT @AP_Oddities: HOLY COW: University of Missouri students are stunned when a towering dairy cow appeared on campus to make a cameo in a gr…
Dec 15 2018 04:31:05
RT @APWestRegion: Prosecutors in Hawaii accuse the owners and officers of a Japanese fishing boat of helping Indonesian fishermen smuggle n…
Dec 15 2018 04:21:17
RT @techinsider: This Indonesian company hopes to reduce plastic waste with edible glasses
Dec 15 2018 04:04:55
RT @AP_Oddities: Roll Tidy: Alabama woman, 89, free after spending night in jail for failing to clean up her small-town appliance store. ht…
Dec 15 2018 03:15:47
RT @maggieNYT: Trump’s Inauguration Paid Trump’s Company — With Ivanka in the Middle via ⁦@ProPublica⁩
Dec 15 2018 03:12:33
Prime minister says Australia will formally recognize west Jerusalem as Israel's capital, but won't move embassy un…
Dec 15 2018 02:57:27
Federal judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act
Dec 15 2018 02:50:27
@AP Texas judge rules health care overhaul unconstitutional.
Dec 15 2018 02:38:36
BREAKING: Federal judge in Texas rules Obama's health care overhaul unconstitutional.
Dec 15 2018 01:59:02
RT @APWestRegion: Firefighters trying to escape Northern California's inferno ran into a barbed-wire fence and burned their faces, says a r…
Dec 15 2018 01:52:00
A federal judge in Texas rules that the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate is unconstitutional, saying the re…
Dec 15 2018 01:31:24
RT @jaredleopold: Wow. Bevin: “These people use the cheap excuse of the fact that they are Jewish.”
Dec 15 2018 01:12:38
Robert Mueller's team continues to be interested in interviewing the President, sources tell CNN…
Dec 15 2018 00:37:42
RT @APWestRegion: Police in Colorado are searching the home of a man whose fiancee disappeared weeks ago. His lawyer welcomed efforts to fi…
Dec 15 2018 00:09:50
RT @APWestRegion: Pacific Gas & Electric Co. falsified safety records on natural gas pipelines years after an explosion killed eight people…
Dec 15 2018 00:08:03
RT @AP_Sports: Salt Lake City gets go-ahead from USOC to bid for Winter Olympics, likely for 2030.
Dec 14 2018 23:13:51
RT @APCentralRegion: "There's a lot of hype and hysteria, particularly in the national media, implying this is a power shift. It's not." Wi…
Dec 14 2018 22:43:22
RT @NBCNews: Mick Mulvaney will serve as acting White House chief of staff, President Trump announces.
Dec 14 2018 22:40:45
Ex-Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos, who was released from prison last week, says he'll run for Congress in…
Dec 14 2018 22:39:22
@AP President Trump announces that budget director Mick Mulvaney will be his next chief of staff.
Dec 14 2018 22:31:53
Trump names Mick Mulvaney acting chief of staff, replacing John Kelly
Dec 14 2018 22:28:26
BREAKING: President Trump says budget director Mick Mulvaney will serve as acting chief of staff, replacing John Kelly in new year.
Trump announces Mick Mulvaney to be acting chief of staff replacing John Kelly who leaves by the end of year
Dec 14 2018 21:57:22
RT @APEastRegion: Chihuahua-mix dog — named Bear — helps owner fight off...what else...a bear.
Dec 14 2018 21:47:28
RT @APCentralRegion: China's resumption of U.S. soybean purchases during trade war truce gives Midwest farmers hope but they say more feder…
Dec 14 2018 21:23:40
BREAKING: Wall Street ends week on sour note as S&P falls to lowest close since April; Dow down nearly 500 points.
Dec 14 2018 21:10:51
The Russia investigation has cost roughly $25 million since May 2017, Justice Department says…
Dec 14 2018 21:10:08
RT @APEntertainment: Apple strikes a deal to produce new "Peanuts" content, including astronaut Snoopy.
Dec 14 2018 21:03:10
RT @APFactCheck: NOT REAL NEWS: Here’s a look at what didn’t happen this week, even if you saw stories saying it did. #APFactCheck https://…
Dec 14 2018 21:00:16
Ad: Catch a live Saturday doubleheader tomorrow starting at 4:30 p.m. EST only on @NFLNetwork.
Dec 14 2018 20:48:55
An Indonesian official is vowing to do more to combat human trafficking after @AP's report about missing migrant gi…
Dec 14 2018 20:41:01
RT @APEntertainment: With all the tricks in his bag, Peter Jackson brings World War I back to life in the 3-D documentary "They Shall Not G…
Dec 14 2018 20:29:07
RT @APCentralRegion: "You're going to run for president, right?" one attendee asked Beto O'Rourke at a town hall in his hometown of El Paso…
Dec 14 2018 20:21:17
Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch says he regrets telling CNN "I don't care" when asked about Trump being implicated in c…
Dec 14 2018 20:19:05
RT @APBusiness: Worries are building from Washington to Wall Street that corporate debt is approaching potentially dangerous levels, writes…
Dec 14 2018 20:05:07
The US Coast Guard is searching for a passenger who reportedly went overboard from a cruise ship south of the Flori…
Dec 14 2018 19:57:20
A fourth person died as a result of Tuesday's shooting attack at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, French authoriti…
Dec 14 2018 19:57:07
The Latest: Wall Street Stocks fall sharply on new concerns about slowing economic growth in China and disarray sur…
Dec 14 2018 19:31:05
Ministers from 40 countries appeal for ambitious outcome at the UN climate talks to pave the way to curb global war…
Dec 14 2018 19:17:38
RT @davidsiders: Asked if he’s a progressive, @BetoORourke says, ‘I don’t know.’ He’s not big on labels, he says
Dec 14 2018 19:09:05
As its stock drops, Johnson & Johnson denies a media report that it knew for decades about trace amounts of asbesto…
Dec 14 2018 18:50:05
RT @AP_Top25: Building @EMUFB into a consistent winner is a full-time job and then some for @Coach_Creighton and his staff. They gave @Lar…
Dec 14 2018 18:38:46
RT @APWestRegion: This Roman Catholic priest is on a mission to do good deeds in all 50 states.
Dec 14 2018 18:37:56
After GOP election losses, Wisconsin Gov. Walker signs a sweeping package of Republican-authored lame-duck legislat…
Dec 14 2018 18:32:00
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he has asked not to be considered for the White House chief of staff job…
Dec 14 2018 18:30:23
The Latest: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signs Republican-authored legislation that restricts early voting and weake…
Dec 14 2018 18:13:35
Johnson & Johnson stock plunges after a report that says the company knew for decades that asbestos was in its baby…
Dec 14 2018 18:11:41
@vgmac Think there’s also genuine affection for him across the Dem coalition, but ... yeah. Telling that Sanders so…
Dec 14 2018 18:10:48
Probably the biggest candidate-specific takeaway here is that the demand for Sanders 2020 does not come close to ap…
Dec 14 2018 18:06:09
RT @APEastRegion: Maine GOP incumbent drops his request for a recount in the first congressional race in the nation held under a candidate-…
Dec 14 2018 17:51:33
The gap between this picture, and the preferences we saw from Dem primary voters in 2018, suggests room for some wh…
Dec 14 2018 17:42:02
Nearly half the vote to 70+ year old white guys who have run for president before
Dec 14 2018 17:27:04
RT @AP_NFL: Who is the NFL’s top coach? Find out in AP’s weekly position rankings:
Dec 14 2018 17:18:57
Students at Sandy Hook Elementary School are sent home for the day after a bomb threat was phoned in on the sixth a…
Dec 14 2018 17:18:25
RT @PhilipRucker: “Nothing at the Trump Organization was ever done unless it was run through Mr. Trump. He directed me to make the payments…
Dec 14 2018 17:13:10
RT @APWestRegion: Sen. Jon Kyl is resigning as planned from the seat he was appointed to following the death of John McCain in August. Ariz…
Dec 14 2018 17:13:05
RT @APCentralRegion: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he'll take action today on a sweeping package of Republican-backed legislation that w…
Dec 14 2018 17:03:37
Feds investigating inauguration spending: WSJ